Heyyy everyone, long time no see! It feel like ages since I’ve been on this site and boy have I missed it, even though its only been a week, hahaha. If you follow me on twitter you’ll have noticed that I’ve been absent with being able to draw the comic lately because I didn’t have a laptop. Well good news! I’ve required a laptop and ohmygod its a beast of a thing, I haven’t gotten a new laptop since Windows Vista came out, yeah, its been that long. Which is funny because I started my comic with nothing but a cheap tablet (that kept disconnecting a lot) and a HP Altec Lansing laptop. I’ve gotten so used to staying in one place for so long that it feels weird drawing at the dinning room listening to my parents watching Martian. Wow, I feel like a teenager again. Speaking of feeling young, the comic’s birthday is February 9th and the comic will be SEVEN years old. MY BABY

Also I drew a doodle as a warm up to get used to my tablet!