You’re probably wonder where the next page I promised you was at? Well lets look back to the day I was suppose to post the comic-

Feb 6) The day I said I would make a comeback in the comic is the day I forgot that was my mother’s birthday (she was turning 35…again!) and at first I took the day off thinking “I’ll finish the page tomorrow, I’m sure my readers would understand”.

Feb 7) The day after I was trying to finish the page until off them my tablets started to give out on me (no surprises since its 6 years old and it did get damaged by water one) I got it to work temporarily, but then as I was working the page I started to get mad and upset like I use to at my old job. This has never happened before in my life and I was scared because drawing comics is something that I love doing for the longest time and when you start to feel hatred towards it, it can freak you out. Thought I’m just tired and I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m not crying.

Feb 8) I decided to try again in the afternoon, again, same results.

During this time I was already was going through conflict with myself and today for the first time in my life I have hit what my family called it a “quarter-life crisis”, apparently its like a mid-life crisis in a way but me being in my twenties it was’t really mid. Anyways, I was upset most of the morning and my parents asked me when was the last time I took a break from drawing comics and maybe I should focus on a different thing. I usually argue with the whole “I shouldn’t slack off if I want to be a comic artist.”, but today was different… For the first time in my life my passion has reached a “burnt out” point. It was hard and difficult to agree with them about the situation and came to a conclusion that I should stop drawing comics for a bit. No I’m not saying I hate it or giving it up, I’m just at the point where I’m actually thinking of a different career path, this doesn’t mean I will quit my art, I love art and I’ve worked hard at where I’m at. It just means that I’m giving my webcomic a break and focus on self-healing(?) I guess that’s what you can call it.

To be honest I think all of this crisis was due to two things. ONE) I’ve been living in my own little bubble for so long that the thought of “I’m ok where I’m at and I don’t need to change” always stayed with me, once I traveled my mind didn’t have its bubble anymore and freaked out about reality. TWO) Ever since I worked for Homegoods, my passion for art has felt like its been on the borderline of burning or dying out. So this was bound to happen sadly.

This wasn’t a fun choice to make because I feel like a piece of myself is lost and I have to go find it. Please know that this does not mean that CramBerries is dead, I will return to it because I love this comic and this was the one thing I have stuck with for so long. I like to think as this as a way of not only finding myself, but as a way to keep my comic alive. I wish for this to never happen to anyone who’s passionate about something, and if it does I wish you the best of luck.

TLTR? I’m crazy and the comic is on hiatus until I can find myself.

Today was CramBerries 7th birthday and I would like to thank you readers for all the years of reading my comic whether you’ve been reading it since it released or just started to become a fan. Please keep in touch with my twitter and I hope to return once I find my missing piece.