Jesus Christ we are terrible at this. Hello everyone! You’ve all been probably wondering what has happened to the comic, well don’t. Just like the title says, we’re not dead! We’ve been going through some changes in our life, nothing major, but enough to effect our daily routine. The editor got a full-time job while I went back to part-time and the reason is simple, stress. I’ve been doing nothing but stressing and it’s caused my depression to worsen, BUT EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW! We never stop talking about this comic and we’re looking forward to jumping back to updating again, however I won’t update just yet until I get most of the sketches for this chapter done. I got some sketched pages stacked on the side and ready to be finished, but I want to get some more done as safe insurance. We’re looking at coming back sometime in mid June with updating every Saturday. We’re also hoping to start back our Patreon, we shut it down for a while because we didn’t want to be supported for doing nothing. I don’t like getting paid to be a bum.

That’s all we have to say! we’re very sorry for taking to long to let you guys know what’s been going on, but we hope to make it up to yoooou!

Your Lazy Artist,