Questions and Answers!

Here is when I answer questions that people tend to ask me a lot about the comic.

When does the comic update?

Right now the comic is randomly updating due to some changes in the previous chapters. If we can reach our Patreon goal, I can update more comics!

What’s going on with the story? I’m confused!

Right now the editor and I are in the process of going back and changing all the pages in the comic so the story flows better. We’re making a summary (kind of) right now so new readers can better understand.

Why does the characters look weird?

When I first started the comic I thought I tried a new style that people don’t usually use. The inspiration came from when I read some manga and saw from time to time the character turn into stick thin and have balls for hands. Thus, the style came to be!

Where did the name Cramberries came from?

As silly as it is, the name came from when I couldn’t pronounce cranberries properly, one day while watching the food network channel. I kept saying cramberries . When I was writing the story I couldn’t think of a name, it was originally going to be “Dark Dreams” but I decided to go with Cramberries for the silliness.

How long is the comic?

Pretty long, originally I was going to make the story short. However, the more I wrote the comic, the more plots, story, and history I started to put in it.

All of the old pages are unreadable, are you planning on fixing them up?

I’M SO SORRY! Yes I am, However I will have to take a break from the main story in order to do that. So that might be a while… (sorry)

FAQ about the Characters and Story:

Why doesn’t Mitty smoke anymore?

As you can see in the past comics, Mitty smoking in a few pages, but because she moved in with Lucinda and Bess, they made her quit smoking, especially Bess.

Is chocolate poisonous to demons, and if so why?

Yes, when demons eat chocolate they’ll get massively ill and die. For the reason is because their stomachs can’t digest it properly, just like animals.

What is with the black and white world?

The black and white world is a sign of limbo in a sense where lost souls linger or where people go in their near-death experience.

Is Nova a boy or a girl?

Here’s the link to this page.

He’s a boy.

Who’s Dante? Is it someone we already know?

NO. I ain’t saying anything.

Did you make all of these characters?

Not all of them! Kiirei belongs to my good friend Tenshi, I needed another character in my comic. While the editor designs all the monsters since the artist can’t make them scary enough without scaring herself.