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By clicking on the ‘support’ button, we can only assume that you might be interested in helping out the comic. First of all we would like to personally thank you for taking an interest to support our comic. Every little penny helps us out. We also want to point out that the comic will always be free and available to read on the internet, you should never feel like you have to pay to read it. When you donate to the comic, it helps us out by allowing us to spend less time on fretting about our day jobs and more time drawing comics.

How can I support the comic?

There are many ways you can support our comics beside having to donate money. You can vote for the comic on Top Web Comic, like or follow our social media pages such as Facebook, and just spreading our comic around. Tell your friends, family, and even your own dogs helps us get the word out! However, if you still want to donate to our comic there are only two ways you can do that.

Supporting the comic through Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a service that allows you to support the comic by giving a set amount of money of your choosing whether it’s $3 or more. In return you will have access to the post page which includes nice things such as, early comic pages, bonus comics, sneak previews of next chapters, and so much more! Ko-Fi is a great way for people like us to earn a living off what we love doing, if you’re considering to buy me a cup of coffee CLICK HERE!

Supporting the comic through PayPal

If you feel like donating monthly is too much for your budget, we totally understand! PayPal is a one time donation option where you don’t have to commit to a monthly payment. One call, that’s all. as they say. Like we said before, every penny helps! If you considering on donating the one time, click the donate button below!

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